SFU Ljubljana Career Centre

The SFU Ljubljana Career Centre offers students comprehensive support in their studies and career path.

Every individual finds himself or herself on the job market after graduation. In this context, one often faces feelings of insecurity due to the belief that success depends only on oneself or, on the contrary, on broader social factors beyond one's control. Sometimes we are unaware of the influence we ourselves have and the importance of playing an active role in connecting with others who can help us in such circumstances. That is why SFU Ljubljana offers the opportunity to help with planning of our student's career and professional path, both during your studies and after graduation.

The purpose of the SFU Ljubljana Career Centre is to explore your achievable goals, your strengths and to develop additional employability competences. By creating an individual career plan and subsequent career counselling, we offer you guidance in applying for job vacancies, creating quality CVs and preparing for job interviews. Through organised workshops (see e.g. current Alumni Club events), we provide you with general information on successful experiences of older colleagues, as well as information on job and training opportunities both in Slovenia and abroad.


Contact information

PSYCHOTHERAPY students and Alumni:

Polona Greif, polona.greif@sfu-ljubljana.si


PSYCHOLOGY students and Alumni: 

Dr. Andreja Poljanec, andreja.poljanec@sfu-ljubljana.si


Personal meetings by appointment.