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The research work of the SFU Ljubljana is based on development of relevant scientific disciplines, and on cooperation in the transfer of research findings into pedagogic process and in specific practical areas. One of the most important objectives of the scientific research work of the faculty is to develop empirically supported psychological and psychotherapeutic practice.

Scientific and research work is interdisciplinary-oriented in the field of social sciences (Frascati classification, No. 5) as well as in the areas of humanities and medical sciences.

 At SFU Ljubljana we support team work and synergistic cooperation among researchers studying the same or similar topics from different theoretical, methodological and other perspectives. Our aim is to overcome the state of fragmentation in the field of psychotherapy and psychology in Slovenia. The focus is on some of the topics that should be central, but have been omitted from the research work and teaching. The important focus of research work is its direct application dimension, which allows a direct transfer of knowledge from the academic sphere to other societal subsystems, for example in health care, social care and education.

In accordance with the Statute of the SFU Ljubljana the research work takes place in the research unit and it is operated by associate dean for scientific research work. The research unit collaborates with a psychotherapeutic clinic, which is also a part of the faculty. This connection offers researches the possibility of access to potential research participants.



Research at the Sigmund Freud University – website in english.

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