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When psychotherapy?

We often face situations in our daily lives that cause distress, burden us and can even break us no matter how strong we are and how much willpower we possess. In such moments, it is important to know how to look for help and guidance that will help us find our way back into life, where we can be content.

If we feel under stress, overcome by fears, increasingly depressing moods, loneliness, anxiety, if we are facing problems in our relationships, physiological pains without obvious cause, if we are losing confidence and self-respect or if something bad happened to us that left severe consequences, it is the right time to find help in psychotherapy.

On the other hand, we do not have to wait until we find ourselves in high distress – psychotherapy can help us in the process of getting to know ourselves better, our growth and development as well as raise the quality of our lives. A variety of methods that were developed by different psychotherapeutic modalities can help us recognize who we are and what we could become.