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What is psychotherapy?

The term psychotherapy is derived from the Ancient Greek word psyche, meaning breath/spirit/soul and the word therapeia, meaning healing/medical treatment. Psychotherapy therefore means healing/therapy of the soul. It is a process that helps a person to recognize unconscious parts of oneself, to change the relationship towards oneself, one's own emotional, thinking and behavioural patterns and consequently also helps the person overcoming difficult life situations and finding a way out of them.

Psychotherapy is not something a therapist would do with a patient, it is something that happens between them - the healing process is happening with the help of conversation in a confidential and safe relationship. Many problems in our lives result from our convictions and the emotional as well as behavioural patterns we inherited/learned through relationships in our prime family. However, that does not mean, we have to remain captives of these patterns – modern research shows the patterns in our brain can change on a physiological level if we enter a safe relationship in a psychotherapy process. This means there is a very high possibility we can change ourselves even as adults in a way, that we will be able to face the challenges of our lives with a more positive attitude.