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Appointments and prices

It is possible to make an appointemnt via e-mailambulanta@sfu-ljubljana.si ,

or by callling +386 (0)51 382 484 during the oficial hours (between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm).

Language possiblities

We offer the possibility of therapy in the following languages:

  • Slovene,
  • English,
  • Italian,
  • German,
  • Serbian-Croatian,
  • Albanian.

Introduction procedure

Two sessions

40 eur

Individual psychotherapy*

One session

40 eur

Couple psychotherapy*

One session

50 eur

Family psychotherapy*

One session

60 eur

Group psychotherapy

One session

15 eur

Intervention session

One session

30 eur

Psychotherapeutic/psychiatric assessment  when needed 50,00 EUR – 300,00 EUR

*The social-economic situation of the client is taken into account.

The given prices cover the therapy with the psychotherapists in training at SFU Ljubljana. In cases of therapy with licenced psychotherapist, the prices can be the same or higher.


Ithe introduction procedure involves:

  • registration and
  • diagnostical and directional interview.


The price of the introduction procedure (two sessions) must be paid all together and in case of a late cancellation (less than 48 hours before the session) the sum has to be paid again.


All personal information of the patients of SFU Ljubljana will be kept confiential and will never be connected to patient's name or surname. All the therapists and assistants are bound to keep all the personal information of the patients confidential.


The appointems have to be cancelled minimum 48 hours or 2 days ahead (that includes all the days of the week from Monday to Sunday). In case you would like to cancel on Saturday or Sunday, please send us an email form which we will be able to read the time your cancellation was sent.