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Family psychotherapy

The journey, thousands of kilometers away, begins with a single step.

(Chinese proverb)


The family is conceived as the fundamental structure in which and through which the human self is formed.

From birth we are involved in relationships through which we develop mechanisms for physiological, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.

The development of the individual and his psychic structure is impossible outside the family, the family is the one that shapes us and in where we learn the basic patterns of action. We want to belong to it even when the messages that the individual receives about himself from the closest people (father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother ...) are those that make the person's functional development more difficult.

In the family, we can (constantly) give new opportunities to each other and we want them from each other, as we want to be accepted and seen. At any moment, we can (again) decide whether we will construct or demean the relationship (s).


Family therapy enables members:


• Getting to know yourself and each other within relationships.

• Knowing how they experience things and situations that have happened to them, the recognition of prejudices and expectations for themselves and others, their origin.

• The realization that there are more truths and everyone has the right to their own truth.

• Identifying how family members are confronted with different challenges and tasks within the family, how they respond to one another's needs.

• Resolving communication problems, setting the boundaries well.

• Solving distress at break-even life events (such as leaving home, relocating, causing death, illness ...).

• Talk about traumas, mental problems, violence, addiction, if it is present in the family, and stop it, where necessary.

• Support for developmental, learning, behavioral and emotional problems of children.

• Establishing re-trust, honest communication and conversation also on taboo topics, meeting each other's vulnerabilities.

• Maintain affiliation even in facing the more difficult development challenges that a family member or the whole family encounters.


Family therapy is intended for intergenerational relationships and families of all forms in which family members are unrelated or experiencing distress due to the behavior, thinking or emotion of one or more members. The therapist helps members in a new way to highlight the situation in which they find themselves and take responsibility for rescue: set appropriate boundaries or delineations between the parent system, partner roles and roles of children, enable the autonomy of members, connect a partner or parent and child, and provide safe space for conversation between parents and (adult) children and / or other family members.